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Are you an aspiring cricketer seeking personalised coaching and guidance on your game? Join my Online Academy Programme for ONE MONTH where I can become your personal online cricket coach and assist you to make those breakthroughs. 


> The Online Academy is an 4 week programme with Ben Williams running from July 14th to August 11th 2019.

> There are no prerequisites to be included in the programme. Ben will take on players of any age, gender or skill level. You can be located in any country worldwide and be seeking coaching on batting or bowling elements.

> As a member of the Online Academy, you will receive TWO VIDEOS from Ben each week:
1. Video analysis of your batting or bowling footage (skills of your choice).
2. Personalised video explaining the technical points covered and demonstrating your tailored development drills. 
Ben will guide your development and training programme throughout the 4 weeks to maximise your progress. 

> You will receive a total of 8 personalised videos throughout the online academy. These reviews will involve in-depth analysis of your technique (with clear explanation and annotation to enable full understanding) accompanied by a further video incorporating coaching advice and drills that will assist you with your development. You can choose to concentrate on a particular skill set (e.g. front foot batting) for as many weeks/videos as you choose before progressing to another area of your game. This is your opportunity to receive specific coaching on areas of your game that you may be struggling with.

> How does the programme begin? Once registered, we require you to e-mail through your first clip of video footage before Monday 15th July. 

> Cost: $59 AUD per week for the full 4 week programme. Total of $236 AUD paid securely via our website.

> Joining the online academy is a commitment to the full 4 week programme. Please only register if you are committed to working with Ben for the duration of the academy.

> Ben will be using the Hudl Video Analysis app to send and receive footage and video reviews with participants. You will therefore need to have access to a smartphone or iPad in order to download this free app which is very easy to use and highly effective.

> Sign up now or e-mail with any questions.