“I have just watched Ben Williams work with my grand sons (aged 12 and 10) over a five session period in the last two weeks of January 2019. Whilst I was previously familiar with his success with a number of high profile New Zealand players and of his outstanding You Tube clips, to see him personally interact with my cricket fanatic grand sons was enlightening .

Always demanding, Ben illustrated the perfect balance between encouragement, fun and the uncompromising pursuit of excellence in all of the cricket disciplines. 'Match day' simulations were carried out with energy and clarity of purpose, and the ensuing de-briefs were conducted rigorously yet in a manner designed to ensure the engagement of each of the young boys. Whilst some technical deficiencies were addressed in the short term, of particular impact was the time that Ben spent with the boys developing their overall appreciation of the mental aspects of the game.

Overall it was a pleasure to watch a true teacher work so professionally and in such an engaging way with two young men whom he had barely met. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben's approach to all parents wishing to increase their children's enthusiasm for our great game.”


“At Werribee Junior Cricket Club we recently had the opportunity to deal with Ben Williams of My Cricket Coach. As a club we cannot thank him enough for his professional service that the kids enjoyed so much. Ben's dynamic approach to coaching motivates and engages the players - both young and older. He has an unbeatable formula for expediting the learning of new cricketing skills, and unique training drills. 

Ben is one of those rare individuals who is able to create drills that players enjoy so much they often don’t realise how much they are developing their skills. He is one of the most creative and innovative forces in cricket coaching, that his platform My Cricket Coach is unlike anything that exists in online coaching today. On the ground or online, Ben’s coaching approach boosts a player's confidence because they’re practicing skills that can immediately be put to use.

I would highly recommend Ben to anyone looking for a reliable and professional cricket coach for their individual or cricket club needs.”