Solving the Problem with T27

During the past 18 years of professional coaching, Ben has heard the following types of comments from parents, coaches and players on a regular basis…

“My child performs well in practice but can’t carry that into match situations.” 
“Net training is poorly structured and my son seldomly faces more than a few balls.
“She/he is thinking of giving up the game due to a lack of enjoyment.”
“I coach my team and I struggle to keep them focused and engaged.”
“My child gets too nervous when heading out to bat and can’t perform.”
“We do the same thing in the nets every week”
“Our coach just talks, talks and talks…"
“She/he is lacking in confidence and I don't know what to do about it”
“We mostly just do boring technical drills at practise”
“I have run out of ideas for my next training session, can you help?”

Combining the frustration for the typical comments above and Ben's passion for delivering his players the most uplifting, productive and highly energised learning experience possible has resulted in his innovation crafting 27 modified games. These provide the solution to the current problem, that being uninspiring historic/traditional cricket coaching methods.

Traditional cricket coaching methods often do not bridge the gap between the training and match environment thus resulting in most players around the globe lacking self belief when it really counts. The solution to this problem is simple.  T27 training, which is an integral part of Ben's winter, summer and school holiday coaching programmes. 

- What is T27?
- Why T27 works