Frequently Asked Questions 


How is a My Cricket Coach franchise better than opening my own cricket academy?

  1.  With a My Cricket Coach franchise you are taking advantage of our 18 years experience in the industry. You partner with an established and highly reputable brand rather than wasting an enormous amount of time, resource and energy on your own new business start up.
  2. You get access to our proven systems, procedures and marketing support. You also have the ongoing support and mentoring from Ben personally throughout your franchise journey. 
  3. The My Cricket Coach marketing strategy is designed to instantly give your franchise momentum even before your doors have opened.
  4.  Very low initial investment versus a costly new business endeavour.
  5. Unlike many current cricket coaching businesses on the market My Cricket Coach has a decorated track record of assisting many youngsters through to playing professional cricket. This gives My Cricket Coach a significant point of difference over our competitors because our training curriculum has genuine strength and credibility.
  6. We already have a significant online community  and highly visible online presence so you will not have to worry about spending years building up your social media following and engagement.
  7. By becoming a qualified T27 trainer you will be delivering the best cricket training programme available worldwide which has a proven track record of success. You will have instant credibility compared to spending years improvising and trialling various methods - helping you to build a loyal client base. 

What differentiates My Cricket Coach and the T27 training programme from others?

Typical cricket coaching sessions consist of a coach giving a lengthy lecture which kids fall asleep through. They then have a basic net session where they bowl and bat against each other in a comfortable environment with no consequence attached to their performance. Training that lacks challenges and provides minimal learning opportunities will leave players uninspired and sessions unproductive, rather than making the game of cricket a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that fosters their passion for the game.

T27 training solves this problem. A T27 training session is an exhilarating modified game, specially designed to prepare players for the pressures they will face in the middle. The games develop important ingredients such as self belief and decision making skills but most importantly all players involved have great fun and are hyped up with anticipation for what the next session will involve.

What group sizes and ages will T27 sessions work for? 
Sessions can be adapted to suit group sizes ranging from a 1-1 lesson through to a large club training squad. Players from the age of 9 through to professional cricketers will benefit from and enjoy T27 training. 

Do I need to have business experience to own a My Cricket Coach franchise?

No. Our proven business systems are easily duplicable and we hold your hand through the entire process of launching your franchise to it being fully operational and beyond. Ongoing mentoring and support will always be available to you. You have the flexibility to run your franchise on a part-time basis alongside your current job or as a full-time venture. 

Do I need to be a cricket coach to own a My Cricket Coach Franchise?

Yes. The T27 training programme will be easy for you to follow and implement. Ideally at least a level 1 coaching qualification in your country is required which is very simple to obtain.

Is the T27 training curriculum difficult to deliver?

Not at all. Ben will take you through the entire process of the delivery and how the exercises can be adapted to suit your clients. We provide initial training and on going support. 

How will My Cricket Coach help me with marketing my new franchise?

Franchisees are responsible for marketing to their members directly, however My Cricket Coach is constantly advertising and offering you branding guidelines and innovative promotions that help drive members to your franchise.

Our social media platforms have saturated the cricket coaching market so you will benefit from the regular marketing campaigns we run.

As an official franchise your business will also feature on the My Cricket Coach website and social media platforms which currently receive on average 75,000 views per day worldwide. 

Is a My Cricket Coach franchise only profitable during the summer months?

No. Your franchise can operate year round and off season training is always very popular with aspiring cricketers. We will work with you to establish a business model which will be the most profitable in your designated territory.

Do I get to decide my location/territory?

Yes, depending on availability. This is something we help and assist you with to select the appropriate one for you. Territories will be exclusive.

If you would like to take the first step towards creating a rewarding and flexible career with a My Cricket Coach franchise, let's see if you are a good fit. Please e-mail info@mycricketcoach.com to arrange a consultation with Ben Williams. 

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