What is T27 Training? 


A new wave of supercharged, modified cricket training has arrived. T27 is an exhilarating, refreshing form of cricket training, crafted through Ben's years of experience, that has proven to produce results and bridge the gap between the training and match environment.

T27 consists of 27 specially designed exercises that provide an energised, highly engaging experience for all players involved whilst developing their ability to transition their skills from the nets to game day.

The best players in the world fiercely believe in themselves and have the ability to problem solve under pressure. T27 training is heavily designed and structured around developing these two key ingredients and preparing players to perform when it matters the most. 

T = Transition          
27 = 27 Modified, Supercharged Training Games

- Most cricketers perform well in the training environment because it is typically too comfortable, non-simulative and the player’s problem solving skills are rarely challenged. 
Training that lacks challenges and provides minimal learning opportunities will leave players uninspired and sessions unproductive. This results in cricketers struggling to transition from training to the match environment because they are not familiar or experienced enough to cope with the pressure and challenges that are presented in the middle. 

27 -  27 unique, high energy 45 - 90 minute training sessions that can be tailored for individuals, small groups, teams and large squads. These sessions are guaranteed to benefit players from 9 years of age through to international superstars. 

T27 not only develops top level cricketers but fosters the growth of the game by providing the most enjoyable, stimulating and memorable experience for players. At the conclusion of a T27 training session players are always left itching for more and are intrigued as to what the next T27 training session has in store for them.

T27 exercises are an integral part of Ben's winter, summer and school holiday programmes

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