Why T27 Works

Coaches often struggle with creating session plans that are stimulating and keep all players engaged whilst still covering key mental, tactical and technical skills. T27 training solves these problems for you as a coach and each modified game is easily integrated into your coaching sessions. These competitive and dynamic learning experiences have been proven to translate into results in the middle and your team, group or player will leave each session inspired and excited for the next session.  

Why is T27 the ultimate training experience?

  • These exercises are not just your usual match simulation exercises. T27 games are innovative, problem solving challenges where players are exhilarated whilst competing against each other.  
  • Prepares players for the highs and lows of real match situations by developing emotional intelligence and learning how to cope with nerves, failure or setbacks. 
  • Bridges the gap between training and match performance by exposing players to situations they may encounter in the middle. 
  • Builds self belief and confidence that players can carry through to game day and everyday life by gaining experience in coping with pressure. 
  • Players are empowered to develop self sufficiency by practicing the skills required internally to succeed. 
  • T27 is the most exciting and enjoyable form of cricket training available thus fostering passion for the game of cricket for all participants.
  • Technical skills and understanding are acquired and improved via active learning experiences. This is often where players make breakthroughs in their ability, rather than simply listening to tutorials. 
  •  Accelerates tactical understanding and decision making skills by providing real-match experiences. 
  • These exercises provide a high-energy, intensive cricket training experience that engages all players involved thus fostering team culture, leadership and team cohesion. 

T27 exercises are not shared publicly on the My Cricket Coach online platforms and are exclusive to franchises. 

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