Coaching with Ben Williams

Term 4 Small Group Coaching

Is your child a keen cricketer based in the Waikato? We are now taking registrations for our Term 4 coaching programme, available to players from any school or club. Ben will be running small group coaching sessions for youth cricketers in school years 5 – 11.

If you would like to be involved in a specialised, proven coaching programmme that prepares players effectively for the pressures of the game then we would love to hear from you. 

Where? All coaching will be based at the St Paul’s Collegiate cricket facilities, Hamilton

Group size? 6-10 players

When? The programme kicks off in Week 4 of Term 4 and runs for 7 weeks. 

Participants will have the opportunity to continue throughout Term 1 2019 and will have the first right of entry. 

What are the benefits of Ben's group coaching programme?

• Technical guidance and mentoring with Ben
• Bridges the gap between training and match performance through Ben’s “X-Factor Series” exercises which will be incorporated into every session
• Prepares players for the highs and lows of real match situations
• Accelerates tactical understanding and decision making skills
• Unique game simulations that have been proven to translate into results in the middle by creating a competitive, purposeful training experience
• Builds self belief and confidence that players can carry through to game day and everyday life

What is the X-Factor Series?

Over the years, I have heard the following types of comments from parents, coaches and players on a daily basis…

“My child performs well in practice but can’t carry that into match situations.”
“Net training is poorly structured and my child seldomly faces more than a few balls. He is thinking of giving up the game.”
“I coach my team and I struggle to keep them focused and engaged.”
“My child gets too nervous when heading out to bat and can’t perform.”
“He is upset for days after a poor match performance. How can I help him to cope with the occasional set back?”

As a coach, I have always been passionate about providing the best possible coaching experience for players that effectively bridges the gap between the training and match environment. Over time my innovation has evolved into exercises that I believe provide the solution to these common problems and I have now shaped these into what I call the “X-Factor Series”. These high-intensity, stimulating group training sessions challenge every player involved to develop the key ingredients for becoming a top player. By incorporating these net games into my coaching programmes, I have seen players and teams flourish in high pressure match situations.

For further information and bookings please e-mail