Introducing My Cricket Coach

The My Cricket Coach team is based in Auckland, New Zealand and was created in 2014 after identifying a lack of quality coaching videos available to players, coaches and cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Cricket coaching is our passion and it is our aim to contribute towards the development of the game on a global scale.

It is essential for cricketers to receive accurate coaching advice that is both easy-to-understand yet effective in improving performance and results. My Cricket Coach provides the solution. We pride ourselves on delivering modern, personable and inspiring videos to assist you to improve your playing or coaching performance.

So who is the coach leading each and every video?Ben Williams


Meet Ben Williams, the inspiration and driving force behind My Cricket Coach. Ben not only has an absolute passion for cricket, he also has an excellent reputation as an innovative and talented coach – for all levels of players. Ben has been a professional cricket coach for 15 years, coaching cricket enthusiasts locally, nationally and internationally.

With such a reputation for crafting the skills and talents of current, and up and coming cricket players, Ben is in demand for his coaching. This lead him to branch into the concept of online cricket coaching. Transferring his techniques on to video means that more players and coaches can join the progression of becoming outstanding in their field and enjoying the beautiful game that is cricket.



"I think your website is a market leader. Great ideas and drills. I have used some of your batting drills with my son today, and they have lifted us both. Superb!"
Nick Brooks - Coach - United Kingdom

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"If you’re a parent coach or a professional, I highly recommend trying out My Cricket Coach and see the amazing improvement in your players."
Phil Tsingos – Vice President , The Lakes Cricket Club – QLD, Australia